Writing Review for 1A

Writing Week 2

Writing Week 3

Writing Week 4

Writing Week 5

Paper Choice

Hint for Parents 

If your child is having trouble coming up with a topic:

  • Do not help come up with a topic. Find strategies to help generate own ideas (brainstorm things they do throughout the day)
  • Have student turn to another family member and ask “What am I good at?”

Writing Week 6

Writing Week 7

No new writing lesson this week - enjoy your long weekend!

Writing Week 8

Writing Week 9

Writing Week 10

For today's lesson, you will need a few materials:

  • 2 different colours of sticky notes (only 3-4 sticky notes of each colour)
    • OR 2 different colours of paper with scissers and tape
  • 1 cue card or piece of white paper
  • a finished, or almost finished piece of writing
  • Grade 1 and Grade 2 checklists printed off, copied down or just pulled up on the computer so that you can pause the video to look at them: 
    Writing Checklists